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Light Switch Labels

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A self-adhesive, transparent labelling system for difficult to remember multi-switch plates. Supplied with 240 labels covering 131 locations around the home.
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Additional Product Information

Light Switch Labels is a self-adhesive labelling system for light switch plates. The label identifies which switch operates which light or appliance covering 131 possible locations around your home.   Please click here to see an image of the locations covered, (a new browser window will open).

If you have a 2, 3, 4, 5 or even a 6-gang set of switches, the labels will adhere either above or below each switch and identify whatever you wish to switch on or off.

The size of the self-adhesive labels do not detract from the look of the switch plate therefore the wall plate aesthetics are not changed.

The labels are designed to go above or below the switch and not on the switch itself, which of course dramatically increases the life of the label.

A package of Light Switch Labels includes 131 locations totaling  240 Labels.

Below are the steps required for successful application of the Light Switch Labels.

Ensure your hands are clean and dry.

Ensure the light switch cover plate is cleaned and free of dust, debris, prints, oils etc.

Once the plate is clean - please wait for it to be fully dry.

Find the label required for the switch and carefully peel it from the backing paper.

Apply the label to the cover plate ensuring the label is level. We recommend that tweezers be used to hold one end of the label to allow for the label to be leveled prior to full adhesion.

Press and smooth over.

When cleaning the switch plate, do not use abrasive or chemical cleaning products.

Shipping includes a package of Light Switch Labels to cater for 131 locations using a total of 240 Labels.

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Because we're based in Sydney Australia, we use Australia Post for all our deliveries throughout Australia and also for international shipping.

Our rates are available on checkout, but because the product is only paper and stickers, it is very light it should not be factor when deciding to buy.

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Purchased from Ebay
Very helpful people.

Fast shipping, just what I was looking for. I still haven't put them all up, as I am still learning what all the switches in my new house control. Some are a mystery. I like the ones I have put up though.

Purchased from: Etsy
These are so helpful around the house!

I like these because there are several switches in my home on different walls that turn on/off the same lights/fans.

Purchased from: Amazon
A great practical product!

A great product to eliminate confusion with light fittings. Quality labels at a fraction of the price to replacing switches.